Classification of Economic Activities according to ISIC Rev. 3
Sector: Transport, Storage and Communication (Org. and Unorg.)
ISIC code Group ( 2-3 digits) ISIC code Class (4 digits)
60 Land transport; transport via pipelines 6010 Transport via railways
6021,6022 Other scheduled and non-scheduled passenger land transport
6023 Freight transport by road
61 Water transport 6110 Sea and coastal water transport
62 Air transport 6210,6220 Scheduled and non-scheduled air transport
63 Supporting and auxiliary transport activities 6302 Storage and warehousing
6301,6303 Other supporting transport activities including cargo handling
6304 Activities of travel agencies and tour operators; tourist assistance activities n.e.c.
6309 Activities of other transport agencies
64 Post and telecommunications 6411,6412 National post activities
6420 Telecommunications

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