Classification of Economic Activities according to ISIC Rev. 2
Sector: Transport, Storage and Communication (Org. and Unorg.)
ISIC code Major group ( 2-3 digits) ISIC code Group (4 digits)
711 Land transport 7111 Railway transport
7112,7113 Passenger land transport
7114 Freight transport by road
7116 Supporting services to land transport
712 Water transport 7121 Sea and coastal water transport
7123 Supporting services to water transport
713 Air transport 7131 Air transport carriers
7132 Supporting services to air transport
719 Services allied to transport 7191 Passenger transport n.e.c (tourist, travel agents & clearance, goods handling companies etc.)
7192 Storage and warehousing
720 Communication 7200 Communication including postal services, wire- and wireless communication

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