Classification of Economic Activities according to ISIC Rev. 3
Sector: Services
ISIC code Group ( 2-3 digits) ISIC code Class (4 digits)
55 Hotels and restaurants 5510 Hotels; camping sites and other provision of short-stay accommodation
5520 Restaurants, bars and canteens
70 Real estate activities 7010 Real estate activities with own or leased property
7020 Real estate activities on a fee or contract basis
71 Renting of machinery and equipment without operator and renting of personal and household goods 7111 Renting of land transport equipment
7121 Renting of agricultural machinery and equipment
7122 Renting of construction and civil engineering machinery and equipment
7129 Renting of other machinery and equipment n.e.c.
7130 Renting of private and household goods n.e.c.
72 Computer and related activities 7220 Software consultancy and supply
7250 Maintenance and repair of office, accounting and computing machinery
7290 Other computer related activities
73 Research and development 7310 Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering (NSE)
74 Other business activities 7411 Legal activities
7412 Accounting, book-keeping and auditing activities; tax consultancy
7413 Market research and public opinion polling
7414 Business and management consultancy activities
7421 Architectural and engineering activities and related technical consultancy
7422 Technical testing and analysis
7430 Advertising
7491 Labour recruitment and provision of personnel
7492 Investigation and security activities
7493 Building-cleaning activities
7494 Photographic activities
7495 Packaging activities
7499 Other business activities n.e.c.
80 Education 8010 Primary education
8021 General secondary education
8022 Technical and vocational secondary education
8030 Higher education
8090 Adult and other education
85 Health activities 8511 Hospital activities
8512 Medical and dental practice activities
8519 Other human health activities
8520 Veterinary activities
92 Recreational, cultural and sporting activities 9211 Motion picture and video production and distribution
9212 Motion picture projection
9213 Radio and television activities
9214 Dramatic arts, music and other art activities
9219 Other entertainment activities n.e.c.
9220 News agency activities
9249 Other recreational activities
93 Other service activities 9301 Washing and (dry-) cleaning of textile and fur products
9302 Hairdressing and other beauty treatment
9303 Funeral and related activities
9309 Other service activities n.e.c.
--- Total: Profit-oriented institutions --- --- Total: Profit-oriented institutions ---
85 Non-profit : Social work activities 8532 Non-profit: Social work without accomodation
91 Non-profit : Activities of membership organizations n.e.c. 9111 Non-profit: Activities of business and employers organizations
9112 Non-profit: Activities of professional organizations
9120 Non-profit: Activities of labor unions
9191 Non-profit: Activities of religious organizations
9192 Non-profit: Activities of political organizations
9199 Non-profit: Activities of other membership organizations n.e.c.
92 Non-profit : Sporting activities 9241 Non-profit: Sporting activities
--- Total: Private non-profit institutions --- --- Total: Private non-profit institutions ---

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