Classification of Economic Activities according to ISIC Rev. 2
Sector: Industry (Mining, Quarrying, Manufacturing and Electricity)
ISIC code Major group ( 2-3 digits) ISIC code Group (4 digits)
22 Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas Production 2200 Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas Production
29 Mining and quarrying 2901 Stone cutting and quarrying
2902 Chemical and fertilizer mineral mining
31 Manufacture of food, beverages and tobacco 3111 Slaughtering, preparing and preserving animal meat and poultry
3112 Manufacture of dairy products
3113 Canning and preserving of fruits and vegetables
3115 Manufacture of vegetable and animal oils and fats
3116 Grain mill products
3117 Manufacture of bakery products
3119 Manufacture of chocolate and sugar confectionary
3121 Manufacture of food products n.e.c.
3122 Manufacture of prepared animal feeds
3131-3133 Production of spirits, wine and beer
3134 Mineral waters, soft drink and carbonated beverages industry
3140 Tobacco manufactures
32 Textile, wearing apparel and leather industries 3211 Spinning, weaving and finishing textiles
3212 Manufacture of made-up textile goods except wearing apparel
3213 Knitting mills
3214 Manufacture of carpets and rugs
3215 Cordage, rope and twine industries
3219 Manufacture of textiles n.e.c.
3221,3222 Manufacture of wearing apparel except footwear including tailoring services
3231 Tanneries and leather finishing
3233 Manufacture of products of leather and leather substitutes except footwear
3240 Manufacture of footwear except vulcanized or moulded rubber or plastic footwear
33 Manufacture of wood and wood products incl. furniture 3311 Sawmills, planing and other wood mills
3312 Manufacture of wooden and cane containers and small cane ware
3319 Manufacture of wood and cork products n.e.c.
3321 Manufacture of furniture and fixtures
3322 Upholstery
34 Manufacture of paper and paper products; printing and publishing 3411 Manufacture of pulp, paper and paperboard
3412 Manufacture of containers and boxes of paper and paperboard
3419 Manufacture of paper products n.e.c.
3420 Printing, publishing and allied industries
35 Manufacture of chemicals, petroleum, coal, rubber and plastic products 3511 Manufacture of basic industrial chemicals except fertilizers
3512 Manufacture of fertilizers and pesticides
3513 Manufacture of synthetic resins, plastic materials and man-made fibres except glass
3521 Manufacture of paints
3522 Manufacture of drugs and medicines
3523 Manufacture of soap and cleaning preparations, perfumes, cosmetics and other toilet preparations
3529 Manufacture of chemical products n.e.c.
3530 Petroleum refineries
3551,3559 Tyre and tube industries and manufacture of rubber products n.e.c.
3560 Manufacture of plastic products n.e.c
36 Manufacture of non-metallic mineral products, except products of petroleum and coal 3610 Manufacture of pottery, china and earthenware
3620 Manufacture of glass and glass products
3691,3692 Manufacture of structural clay products, cement, lime and plaster
3699 Manufacture of non-metallic mineral products n.e.c.
37 Basic metal industries 3710 Iron and steel basic industries
3720 Non-ferrous metal basic industries
38 Manufacture of fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment 3811 Manufacture of cutlery, hand tools and general hardware
3812 Manufacture of furniture and fixtures primarily of metal
3813 Manufacture of structural metal products
3819 Manufacture of fabricated metal products n.e.c
3821-3825 Manufacture of engines and turbines
3829 Machinery and equipment except electrical n.e.c.
3831 Manufacture of electrical industrial machinery and apparatus
3832,3833,3839 Manufacture of electrical machinery, apparatus, appliances and supplies except industrial machinery
3841 Ship building and repairing
3843 Manufacture of spare parts for motor vehicles
3851,3852 Manufacture of professional,scientific, measuring and controlling equipment n.e.c and photographic and optical goods
39 Other manufacturing industries 3901,3909 Manufacture of jewellery and related articles and manufacturing industries n.e.c.
3902 Manufacture of musical instruments
41 Electricity 4101 Electricity
951 Industrial services 9511-9519 Repair and maintenance of machinery and vehicles and other industrial services

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