SDB: Module "Economic Survey": Sector - Activity Structure


The sectors listed in the list-box show all sectors for which Economic Surveys are conducted by the Department of Statistics in addition to one item called "Top level (showing totals for all individual sectors listed below)".

If you chose "Top level (...)", the generated tables will contain one line - the sector total - for each of the sectors, for which data from an Economic Survey are available. These sectors are:

If you chose one of the individual sectors, the generated table will present detailed data (by economic activity) for the selected sector.

Select the top level view or an individual sector with a mouse-click.

Classification of Economic Activities

In SDB Module "Economic Survey" economic activities are classified according to the United Nations "International Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Activities (ISIC).

In SDB Module "Economic Survey" you can generate for most sectors tables for the ISIC 4-digit level (quite detailed) or on the 2-3 digit level (less detailed). For the sectors "Contractors", "Insurance" and "Banks" there is - due to the limited number of activities - only one activity level. If you choose sector "Top level" the generated table will show one line - containing the total for each of the individual sectors: Industry, Wholesale and Retail Trade, Services, Construction: Contractors, Transport, storage and Communication, Insurance and Banks and financial institutions.

For most sectors data is available according to ISIC Revision 2 for years from 1990 on. (For some sectors data is available only from 1991 or 1992 on.) Data according to ISIC3 is available from 1994 on for all sectors.

The Department of Statistics endeavoured to apply the UN standard as closely as possible. For ISIC Rev. 3 there are only very minor deviations from this standard for the sector "Banks and Financial Institutions". For ISIC Rev. 2 a number of other variations were considered to be reasonable in adaptation to the local conditions in Jordan. But still: in large parts the ISIC Rev. 2 standard was adopted. In case of deviations the ISIC Code field in the generated tables is left empty or serial numbers are used.

If you want to see which economic activities exist in Jordan for a specific sector and how the 2-3 digit activities are related to the 4-digit activities, click one of the following links:

Structure of Economic Activities
Industry Industry
Wholesale and Retail Trade Wholesale and Retail Trade
Services Services
Contractors Contractors
Transport, Storage and Communication Transport, Storage and Communication
Insurance Insurance
Banks Banks


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